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Welcome to VON DER LEUCHTENBRUCKE  rottweiler kennel in Greece 

We are Galanis George and Limiatis Panagiotis.

We live in beautiful Greece and our kennel is situated in Zevgolatio Korinthias, at the foot of Ancient Korinthos castle 80 km away from Athens!

Our love and passion for the rottweiler breed have led us to the decision to deal with their breeding. Our aim is not only to promote but also to improve the rottweiler breed in Greece, founded on some of Europe's top lines (Akino v.d. Lauterbrucke, Rick vom Burghtan, Noris vom Gruntenblick, Gesa v.d. Scherau, Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke, Morro von der Scherau, Lewis vom Kummelsee, Mambo von der Groserranch).

Altthough we have been dealing with the breeding officially for a few years only, since 2003,we have achieved to be established and to play a leading part in every show in our country!

We believe we'll fulfil our ambitions, being relied not only on our perfect samples but also on future mating with some of Europe's top studs!

We speak Greek, English, Russian, Romanian and Estonian!


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